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Total Inclusivity Training for International Schools

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The Total Inclusivity Group is a specialist team of educationalists dedicated to providing total inclusivity training and development for international and independent schools around the world. A division of the global educational consultancy, Whitehead, Lee & Associates, the Total Inclusivity group consists of highly experienced trainers all of whom are working or have worked in international schools, universities, colleges, and independent schools. Individually and as a team, the Total Inclusivity group can provide guidance, training, mentoring and development in all aspects of educational and school community inclusiveness.

All training, guidance and development provided by the Total Inclusivity group is informed by the latest sociological, psychological and psychoanalytical research into identity development, individuality, subjectivity, educational attainment and student well-being. Any school or educational organisation wishing to improve its diversity profile and embed a fully inclusive learning climate, can be assured that the Total Inclusivity group will provide the appropriate training and development tailored to that organisation’s needs.

What’s Total Inclusivity

Total Inclusivity is recognised as both the starting point and ultimate objective for every aspect of a school’s delivery and mission. It is central to the notion of a learning community, underpins the school’s operational policies and practices, informs the curriculum design and delivery, nourishes the organisational culture, and creates the foundation upon which a school can confidently claim to be safeguarding both students and staff. By pursuing a Total Inclusivity model, the school or any educational organisation clearly demonstrates:

A commitment to recognising, valuing, protecting and nurturing diverse identities, regardless of race, gender, sexuality and class.

In an age when identity is so politicised it is essential that any school, but especially those purporting to create global citizens and the leaders of tomorrow, adopt an uncompromising, self-aware and sensitive approach to diversity, both of students and staff.


Please note all Total Inclusivity services are designed to be delivered online unless it is both practical and necessary to do otherwise. This serves to reduce client fees while maintaining adherence to global health and safety recommendations and rulings.

The headings below cover the broad spectrum that is Total Inclusivity in an educational setting. However, they are not suggested as being exhaustive of all possible areas of Total Inclusivity development and guidance which a school may require. Additionally, each heading has multiple layers and the actual consultancy will be tailored to the individual’s and school’s needs.

The theoretical underpinnings for all Total Inclusivity group workshops, training, mentoring and guidance draw primarily from theories and concepts related to intersectionality, critical race theory and cultural capital.

Primary Training and Development Headings:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Identity Safety and Safeguarding
  3. Staff and Student Well-being
  4. School Climate and Culture
  5. Valuing Diversity

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