Ms Clodagh Talbot

Clodagh is a 23-year-old, hailing from Dublin, Ireland. She recently completed her BA in New Media Studies from The Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT). Her final year research project focused on Incel culture and more specifically how low self-esteem can lead to terrorism and violent acts by men. Through her investigation, she became interested in how the prevention of these cultures can be achieved through education on these topics, especially regarding toxic masculinity and its traditional expressions of masculine identity. These long-established expressions of masculine identity have become toxic and have led to many issues in society and culture. With education being the best prevention, it is clear that the best way to deal with toxic masculinity and its various outcomes is by bringing greater awareness to people and especially into schools. By educating young people, we can avoid the consequences that come with growing up and normalising toxic masculinity. Clodagh is passionate about prevention being the best cure and is eager to help educate others. Therefore, her contribution to the Total Inclusivity team will be through the application of specific gender identity awareness raising training and development in schools and organisations. Her article “ Incels- How low self esteem can lead to terrorism” was published by T.M .