Dr Stephen M. Whitehead

Dr. Stephen M. Whitehead is co-Founder and Director of the international school consultancy, Whitehead, Lee & Associates, Co. Ltd (Thailand and Canada). Stephen is an internationally renowned educational practitioner and academic. He is the lead writer and co-editor for the Educational Digest International publication. He specializes in inclusivity training, leadership development, and global socio-political-cultural insights for educational and private organizations. International schools and organizations for whom Stephen has provided consultancy and training include:

Sarjana Education Group (Brunei and Malaysia)

Nguyen Sieu International School (Hanoi, Vietnam)

North London Collegiate School (Jeju, South Korea)

Panyaden International School (Chiang Mai)

Pan Asia International School (Bangkok)

Columbia International School (Tokyo)

Delia School of Canada (Hong Kong)

Graceful Hands Kindergarten (Taipei)

United Nations International School (Hanoi)

Destiny Academy/International School (Malaysia)

The British Council (Thailand)

United World College (Thailand)

Flamingo Group Cultural Strategy Agency (UK and Singapore)

Crowd DNA Strategy Consultancy (UK and Singapore)

Stephen’s previous positions are non-Executive Director for Sarjana Education Group (Brunei and Malaysia); Senior Lecturer in Education and Asia Postgraduate Programme Director (Keele University, UK); and Professor in Gender Studies (Shih Hsin University, Taiwan). Stephen’s academic specialisms are identity, education, gender, organisational behaviour and leadership. He has been invited to speak at world class universities, including: Cambridge, Toronto, Singapore, Oslo, Warwick, and Taiwan. Stephen has written numerous books and academic journal articles over a 30-year period. His 13th book (International Schooling: The Teacher’s Guide) was published in November, 2020 (English and Thai language versions). Stephen lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

book publications:

Toxic Masculinity (2020) Andrews

Gender & Identity (2014) Oxford University Press

Managing Professional identity (2001) Routledge

Men and Masculinities (2002) Polity

ExampleEducational Digest International articles authored by Stephen:

‘The End of the Chinese Golden Goose – implications for international educators’ (September, 2020)

‘Diversity in International Schools’ (August, 2020)

‘The Asian Century is Underway: implications for international education’ (June, 2020)

‘The Future of International Education: Facts and Post-Covid-19 Speculations’ (May, 2020) 

‘Female Leadership in International Schools’ (May, 2020) 

‘Covid-19: Will all international schools survive”? A deeper dive’ (May, 2020) 

International Education Podcast

‘The Asian Century is Underway” (Persyou The Talks), (July, 2020)

Video (Vimeo)

‘The Impact of Covid-19 on International School Teacher Recruitment’ (Interview with Edvectus CEO, Diane Jacoutot)  (September, 2020)