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30 Minutes Brighter White Instant White Teeth Whitening Pen Teeth


  1. Clean the teeth surface
  2. Rotate the end of the whitening pen in the clockwise direction
  3. Stop rotating if the gel could be seen on the top of the whitening pen
  4.  Apply the gel on the surface of the teeth to be whitened
  5.  gargle the mouth with fresh water 15-20 minutes later.


The teeth whitening pen is gentle and safe to use and rapid and effective whitening effects will be achieved. It is a kind of simple and easy teeth whitening method, which helps you whiten your teeth easily. The front brush of the pen will coat the whitening liquid onto your teeth surface, then the whitening agent abounding in active oxygen will penetrate into the tubes of enamel and dentin, and oxidation reduction reaction will take place with the stains one the surface and in the root to decompose them, and whiten your teeth finally. 


★ GENTLE & EFFECTIVE – Teeth whitening doesn’t need to be painful anymore! With the gentle formula, the painless process does not give you any sensitivity. It helps remove years of stains, and brightens your teeth a few shades whiter with consecutive use.

★ PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – With our formula, you don’t have to pay for expensive procedures at the dentist, making it very simple and affordable to use to whiten your teeth.

★ REMOVES YEARS OF STAINS – This teeth whitening pen takes away years of stains caused by coffee, tea, soda, smoking, wine and more with it’s powerful, yet gentle ingredients. Finally you can get the white, bright smile you’ve been waiting for.

★ USE ANYWHERE – Teeth Whitening Pen is small enough so that you can easily pack it in your purse or briefcase wherever you go and use it whenever you want to.

Product Name

30 Minutes Brighter White Instant White Teeth Whitening Pen Teeth


Onuge or your own brand


Used with brush in the morning and evening, twice a day


Remove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink wine. Whitening Teeth By Daily Use

Active Ingredient

Hydrogen  Peroxide,  Menthol , Carbomer,  EDTA, Glycerol, etc. Non-peroxide also available 

Main pen shell color

Plastic: transparent.Metal case: white/ black/ silver/ golden color


2ml or 4 ml

Payment Terms

PayPal, Western Union, T/T, Escrow, Trade Assurance

Delivery Time

Sample: in ine week. Bulk order: 15-30 days, it is determined by your detail quantity.

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