1)Why does Secret Strips can smooth wrinkles?
Secret Strips consists of a 3-D matrix of elastic fibre embedded in condensed microcrystals. Under the influence of skin heat, condensed microcrystals are heated and expanded, which drives the elastic fibre of the “honeycomb” matrix to stretch in six directions.

Through this kind of movement, fine lines and wrinkles on the skin are stretched out. On this basis, condensed microcrystals continuously release nutrients such as water, centella extract, amino acids, vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid and so on.

The skin is restored to a state of elasticity and firmness achieving short-term fading and long-term wrinkle removal.

2)The Unprecedented structure Chart of Secret Strips

3)Core Technology of Secret Strips
Secret Strips core wrinkle anti-aging technology I
Aqua Microcrystal Coagulation gel – bionic technology which can breathe;
Bionic skin function with water and oxygen combined.

Secret Strips core wrinkle anti-aging technology II
Global exclusive “3-dimensional matrix method” cell remodelling grid embedding
Redefine multi-dimensional technology to heal facial wrinkles.

Secret Strips core wrinkle—anti-aging technology III
Aqua Microcrystal — super effect for water lock.

Secret Strips core wrinkle—anti-aging technology IV
Aqua Microcrystal — gold ratio for continuous moisturizing, 5%;
Best replenishment form for skin.

Secret Strips core wrinkle—anti-aging technology V
Aqua Microcrystal Coagulation gel – water molecular of balanced, sustained-release,
penetration, technology.

Secret Strips core wrinkle—anti-aging technology VI
Aqua Microcrystal — safety characteristics of 100% soluble in water.

4)Comparison – before and after

5)Advantages and functions:
1.Invisible design, wear anywhere;
2.Can wear all day and night;
3.Anti-wrinkle, firming, moisturiser etc.;

Product Name

Microcrystalline face-tightening Strips


Anti Wrinkle Strips


(1) Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid, Amino acids, Vitamin E, etc.;                   
(2) Color: transparent

(3) Shape: Butterfly-wing wrapping and traction design

75-degree precision tightening and pulling

(4) Certificates: CE, CPSR, FDA, GMPC, etc.;  
(5) Pouch size: 20.5*11.7cm ; Box size: 21.5*13*4.1cm; G.W.: 0.373kg                            
(6) 1 pair/ pouch; Each box contains 10 pair/pcs strips +1 piece essence
(7) Shelf life: 24 months;

(8) Logo: Customized; Accept Private Label


Reverse the effects of gravity

Tighten and lift the face by relieving heavy smile lines, preventing sagging, and tightening cheeks