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New Teeth Whitening Technology No Sensitive Tooth Whitening Strips


  • Advanced Teeth Whitening dry coconut oilStrips With “ADVANCED NO SLIP” technology – Sealed Box – Guaranteed Fresh – 28 Total Strips
  • Nonperoxide for hydrogen peroxide restricted markets 
  • Sealed Box with 14 mini pouches each with 2 strips (upper and lower) Total of 28 strips enough for 14 daily applications
  • Stay active and go on with your day while whitening – 30 minute session per day.
  • Remarkably white teeth in just 14 days – Results start showing on first application.


  1. The tooth strip gel is dried and itself is not sticky, but it will instantly generate superior adhesion when it’s in contact with teeth, and its ultrahigh strength of adhesion to teeth is quite impressive.
  2. The super tooth strip adhesion force of more than two hours provides a longer duration of action and optimal teeth whitening effects, making it a revolutionary new teeth whitening product.
  3. The superior adhesion ensure that tooth strips will not fall off the teeth, users may swim and run anywhere anytime, and and those vigorous exercises will not cause the strips to fall off. The use of tooth strips does not affect speaking and water drinking, so you can enjoy more comfortable tooth whitening.
  4. The product has a super stability, and it will not break down or lead to flatulence in case of high temperatures storage. Its shelf life is up to 2–5 years, and the peroxide will not be destroyed in an oven temperature of 60 °C (60°C is the dissolution point of peroxide).

Only Onuge and Procter & Gamble master this technology in the world but Onuge’s dry tooth strips has a stronger adhesion compared to P & G and unlike P & G, it will cause no pain and stimulation, so its product performance is more moderate and stable.

Suitable for

  • Extrinsic tooth discoloration (affected by coffee,tobacco,sauce,tea,food,etc)
  • Intrinsic tooth discoloration
  • Genetically yellow teeth.
  • Other cause of teeth discoloration.
  • All the people who want a whiter & brighter smile.


  • Hydrogen  Peroxide,  Menthol , Carbomer,  EDTA, Glycerol  , etc.
  • No n-  peroxide also available


  • Bubble: Whitening Gel
  • Strip: PO
  • Backing Liner: PET


Product Name



14 pouches/box
(14 treatments)


Sodium Chlorite,Coconut oil flavor,Customized bleaching agent, Menthol,Hydroxypropyl cellulose, K30,K90,Glycerol, Alcohol, Water

Usage time

For best results, use for one hour, once a day for 7 consecutive days.

*This product will not whiten old fillings, crowns and/or dentures


* With “ADVANCED NO SLIP” technology,it provides strong ahesion against saliva in use. Up to 1-2hour(s) whitening time. *Exercising, talking or drinking water freely.

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