The Total Inclusivity Group will periodically provide easy to access and free resources for teachers and administrators seeking information and guidance on implementing Total Inclusivity in their schools. Mostly, these resources will have been written by members of the Total Inclusivity Group of Trainers.

Below is a free sample resource:

Being an Advocate for Change:
Implementing Gender and Sexual Identity Awareness in Your International School.

Dr Stephen M. Whitehead

Copyrighted 2018

As an Advocate for Change for Total Inclusivity in your school there are numerous ways for you to enable and encourage improvements in school culture and classroom practice with the aim of enlightening minds, encouraging learning and enhancing thinking regards gender, sex and sexual identity.

I have divided this list of suggested approaches into three categories:

1. Interventions in the Classroom
2. Liberalising the School Culture
3. Focused Professional Development.

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Many teachers, especially in South East Asia, will understandably feel insecure about confronting the gender stereotypes which inhabit the minds of their children and which are reinforced by family, religion and wider social codes of behaviour. But you are, essentially, the Advocate for Change in your school and indeed in any future school you work in. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism will be vital in helping not just students learn and empathise, but also many of your colleagues. The list above is fairly extensive but not exhaustive of all opportunities to increase gender awareness and respect throughout the school. It cannot, however, simply be a classroom activity. It must go beyond that and into the staff room, the SMT, the parents and the Governing Body.

In a Totally Inclusive School, everyone plays a part, everyone takes responsibility, everyone assumes ownership, everyone acts.

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