Please note all Total Inclusivity services are designed to be delivered online unless it is both practical and necessary to do otherwise. This serves to reduce client fees while maintaining adherence to global health and safety recommendations and rulings.

The headings below cover the broad spectrum that is Total Inclusivity in an educational setting. However, they are not suggested as being exhaustive of all possible areas of Total Inclusivity development and guidance which a school may require. Additionally, each heading has multiple layers and the actual consultancy will be tailored to the individual’s and school’s needs.


Primary Training and Development Headings

Teaching and Learning

  • Inclusive Curriculum Development
  • Promoting Diversity in Teaching and Learning
  • Managing and Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Languages, Concepts and Multiple Meanings 


Leadership Training and Mentoring

  • Understanding Identity at Work
  • Anti-bullying Strategies and Responses
  • Addressing online discrimination and harassment
  • Responding to Extremism and Radicalism
  • Challenging Religious Discrimination

Staff and Student Well-being

  • Student and Staff Counselling
  • Stages of Student Subjective Development
  • Engaging Student Voices
  • Developing Total Inclusivity School Advocates

School Climate

  • Auditing and Monitoring
  • Leadership Mentoring and Development
  • Recruitment Procedures
  • Developing Total Inclusivity School Policies

Valuing Diversity

  • Anti-racism Training
  • LGBT+ Awareness Raising
  • Gender, Sex and Sexuality Training
  • Understanding Social Class and Cultural Capital

School Accreditation

Do you want your parents and school community to celebrate Total Inclusivity? Well why not become a Totally Inclusive Accredited School?

The Total Inclusive Group offers all educational establishments the opportunity to apply for Total Inclusivity Accreditation. By becoming a TI Accredited school, you will be making a clear and profound statement about your school’s values, priorities, culture and professionalism.

Benefits of Accreditation:

1.Access to all Total Inclusivity Group resources and expertise
2.Periodic TI training for all staff
3.Guidance on selection and training of TI school Advocates
4.Branding: use of the TI logo
5.Trouble-shooting: contact TI at any time over any TI-related issue
6.TI audit – identifying areas of strength and of development
7.Sharing of resources between TI Accredited Educational Establishments
8.Confirms the school’s status as a ‘inclusive employer’
9.Ensures long-term TI culture in the school despite staff changes
10.Improves the learning chances of all students

Contact us for more information about our School Accreditation System: enquiries@totalinclusivity.com