How can we implement Total Inclusivity?

1.By networking, sharing, supporting and advocating.
2.By learning and developing ourselves and our organisations
3.By being uncompromising and persistent
4.By challenging inequitable practice, attitudes, stereotyping and racial, sexual assumptions.
5.By promoting those identities which are not privileged, which are vulnerable, and which are marginalised.
6.By creating teaching and learning systems which put the development of emotional intelligence above all other intelligences.


How does Total Inclusivity link to the individual?

1.Recognise that institutions do not create change, people create change
2.Accepting that the primary aim of education must be the development of the individual while recognising how our personal and professional actions shape learning communities.
3.Be the change you want to see in your school, college, university, in your students.
4.Recognise your privilege; reflect on that privilege; react to any sense of entitlement and build your narrative to embrace Total Inclusivity.


How does Total Inclusivity link to Safeguarding?

1.Recognise that while ‘safeguarding’ of both staff and students is not only worthwhile but an essential, vital aspect of the whole school operation, safeguarding without Total Inclusivity is like locking the door to your home and leaving all the windows open.
2.No child is safe unless they are safe and secure in their identity.
3.For schools to be a safe place for children Total Inclusivity must be the foundation of the whole learning community.

See the slide presentations below for an accessible and familiar way of understanding Total Inclusivity, both in and outside education.